The Peaceful Peace Lily

peace lily

The Peace Lily is a beautiful flower that has many different meanings and symbolism. It’s name, Spathiphyllum comes from the Greek word spath, meaning spoon, and phyl, meaning leaves, and is a reference to it’s spoon-shaped leaves or flowers. It is most commonly known as the peace bringers and a sign of peace. The white flower is representative of a white flag which is world renowned as a symbol of truce. It also represents innocence, healing, hope, and prosperity. It is a beautiful symbol of purity and is associated with the Virgin Mary. It is often given as a gift as a sign of sympathy, beauty, rebirth, or virtue.

Peace Lilies are not really of the lily family. They are actually a member of the Araceae family, which includes the likes of the Colocasia and Elephant Ear plants. They are not poisonous but can cause some issues with pets, children, and adults if consumed.

One of the most popular flowers, the Peace Lily, has a wide variety of different meanings in many different cultures. In Feng Shui, it is used to soothe and harmonize the energy of a space, as well as give feelings of hope. It’s ability to bloom season after season also signifies hope, proving that there is always something good and beautiful to look forward to in life.

The Peace Lily is also a popular choice as a gift for many different occasions. As a funeral flower, it is often seen as a symbol of sympathy or remembrance. For those who are grieving, the plant can represent the hope of rebirth and new beginnings. In more positive situations, the Peace Lily can be given as a sign of appreciation, prosperity, or good luck.

The Peace Lily is also a popular choice for weddings. The plant’s pure white flowers are often used in bouquets and decorations, symbolizing the purity of the wedded couple’s love. The Peace Lily can also represent fidelity and virtue, making it a perfect gift for a new bride.

If you’re looking for a flower with a wide variety of meanings and symbolism, the Peace Lily is the perfect choice. Whether you want to express condolences, show appreciation, or bring good luck, the Peace Lily is sure to send the perfect message. Giving the gift of a peace lily means that you wish the person you are giving it to peace and support.

No matter what the occasion may be, the Peace Lily is always a welcome addition and sure to please. If you’re looking for a beautiful and meaningful gift, look no further than the Peace Lily!

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Why not purchase peace lilies to donate to your local church, nursing or senior home.

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