Singing Bowl To Heal The Soul

Sound Therapy For Healing The Mind & Spirit

Singing bowls originated in the Himalaya’s, and originally performed by the Tibetan Monks and Yogis.  They are a type of bell.  When the rim is struck, it makes a ringing sound and produces vibrations that create frequencies of the harmonic nature. It has a major place in Buddhist prayer and healing. Their belief is that using the singing bowls during prayer carries the sound up, and the prayers with it, similar to the way that using incense carries prayers up to heaven.

They are used for meditation, relaxation, healing, and prayer.  It is a holistic and Shamanistic technique for sound therapy.  In Shamanism, sound is a way to enter into different realities and worlds. They can be used to relax and help improve your concentration, which aids in prayer and worship.

Throughout history bells have been used in the Christian faith for worshiping and prayer. They are used in bell towers to call people to church at certain times and have been used at the altar during holy communion as well. Singing bowls can help you to stay focused on your worship during prayer. You may even find large singing bowls on the altar of Asian Catholic churches to get people’s attention during the consecration.

To use the bowls for healing, you will need to close your eyes and meditate.  Put your full concentration to the sound, length of the sound, volume and intensity, everything about the sound and its feeling.  Put everything else out of your thoughts.  Then concentrate on the silence after the sound, “The sound of silence”.

Holding the singing bowl next to your head and around your face, with every strike of the singing bowl hammer you will feel the vibrating and mind cleansing sounds.  This therapeutic technique creates mental and physical harmony and balance.  There are many different frequencies and ways to use the bowls for meditating and healing.

The singing bowls create sounds of energy that help to restore the body parts that are out of harmonic sink.  They are said to help in the healing of both mental and physical disease and help to restore the mind, body, and soul.

“Make pomegranates of blue, purple and scarlet yarn around the hem of the robe, with gold bells between them.” Exodus 28: 33 to 35
(Aaron is being instructed to wear bells on his robe so that he would be heard entering the holy place).

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