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Spirit And Angelic Healing is an online ministry website, blog, and Facebook page that contains information about spirits, angels, and spiritual healing and more.  We want to be able to reach out to those who are unable to get to a brick and mortar church, and be able to fulfill their spiritual needs. It includes an online church service, communion and other religious rituals and spiritual education materials. We also have information on Angel Therapy and Healing as well as Spirit Attachment Release (Soul Rescue), House Cleansing and Blessing, Blessing of the Animals, and much more.  We are an interdenominational site and you will see a mixture on denominations represented here. This online website, blog and the coinciding Facebook page was created by Jeanne Wells a holistic health & healing practitioner, paranormal investigator, Reiki Master, healer, lightworker, and ordained minister.  Please visit our Facebook page at Spirit And Angelic Healing.  https://www.facebook.com/SpiritAndAngelicHealing

Jeanne Wells is an Ordained Minister And Certified Holistic Health and Healing Practitioner

*Jeanne Is An Ordained Minister

*Angel Healing Practitioner

*Certified In Spirit Attachment Release/Soul Rescue



*Energy Healing Practitioner

*Reiki Master which also includes Animal Reiki


*Crystal Healing Practitioner

*Paranormal Investigator

*Owns and Manages the website and Facebook page Health And Healing Hub

*She has done extensive research on natural holistic/homeopathic health and healing aids.

*It is her hope that through her research and ideas this website will be beneficial to all of its readers.

*Note, she is not a doctor or a nurse and her articles are not to be substituted for professional physical or mental health care.

Always seek professional advice by a professional healthcare practitioner before starting any healthcare regime etc.

Please read the disclaimer page before reading any articles on this site.

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I have studied the paranormal for many years.  I have been on ghost tours all over the United States and have been on as well as conducted many paranormal investigations.  I am in the process of writing a book on Spirits.  I have been published several times in the local paper as well as local online sites for my ghost hunts. I have the ability of clairsentience.  Clairsentience is an intuitive skill and means that I am able to feel and sense spirit.  I am an ordained minister.  I am also a Reiki Master and am able to use this means to help expel negative energies and spirits.  Being a Holistic Health And Healing Practitioner where I help to heal the mind, body and spirit, I help with the healing of the spirit in life as well as in death.  It is my goal to help those spirits who have passed and may need help crossing over to do so and to be at peace.  I try my best to clear haunted locations of any negative energies and spirits.  I do house blessings and energy cleansings.  I am certified in Spirit Attachment Release, and can help with Spirit Release Therapy, Spirit Cleansing, Angel Therapy and Healing and more.  I am a Healer and a Lightworker, and I am certified in energy healing, angel therapy, crystal healing, aromatherapy, and spirit attachment release.  I am a paranormal investigator and an ordained minister which enables me to help with the above.