Saint Elmo’s Fire And Saint Anthony’s Fire! The Heat Is On!

Saint Elmo’s Fire: St. Elmo’s fire is a bright, flickering light that sometimes appears during thunderstorms. The phenomenon is named after St. Erasmus of Formia (Saint Elmo), the patron saint of sailors. St. Elmo’s fire is caused by electrical charges in the atmosphere and can be a warning sign of an impending lightning strike. someContinue reading “Saint Elmo’s Fire And Saint Anthony’s Fire! The Heat Is On!”

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near

(History Or Mystery?) Folklore says that “when cardinals appear, angels are near.” Is it a visitor from heaven? This story has been around for many centuries. It’s often seen as a sign from God. It is said that angels often appear as cardinals. It is popular belief that the cardinals are messengers of God. ThisContinue reading “Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near”

The Legend Of The Dogwood

(History Or Mystery?) The legend of the dogwood tree is a touching story that explains why this tree is so special. The legend begins in Israel thousands of years ago. At that time, the forests of Israel were full of oak, cedars, walnut trees, and more. Among all these fine trees, one was singled outContinue reading “The Legend Of The Dogwood”